Thanks to support by »Kulturbüro Hannover« (which gives us a first small budget) we were able to start a very special kind of experimental art-science-theatre-project in Hannover, Germany.

Lena, professional actress, biologist and artistic director of »THEATER AN DER GLOCKSEE«, wants to understand more about plant-behaviour and the possibility for humans to have empathic feelings towards a totally foreign or unknown species. She took a first step - and the huge world of plant-philosophies, artworks, science - and especially the connections to our society - blew her away. She re-acitvated her studies in biology and started a transformation to become an artist-scientist-hybrid.

She decided to start this art-science-theatre experiment with a very unexpected property of the plants: the sounds that plants create. Or don't create. And she asked Konstantin, a professional gardener and audioproducer, to join the project.

Step 1:
They collected hundreds of »secondary« sounds like rustling and cracking, the whisper of wind in trees and the jumping of seeds from domestic and wild plants.

Step 2:
They used a special device to create »primary« soundscapes by using the electric resistance between leaves and roots in the plants itself.

Step 3:
a) They started to combine both kinds of sounds and to create music - like danceable 120 bpm tracks - which is only based on this unique collection of sounds.
b) They created soundscapes, which are not danceable at first but create atmospheres, which slowly lead into a subtle rythm from repeated and composed sounds like wind and leaves.

Step 4:
a) Humans join in! What happens, if we are listening? And what happens, if we start moving/dancing to those sounds under special plant-circumstances, like with really slow motions or with our feet fixed to the ground (»roots«)?
b) What kind of associations will be created for the audience, what kind of images/feelings/associations do we have while dancing? Let‘s find out together!


On December 20 and 21 of 2019, Konstantin and Lena will arrange a »viewing« at THEATER AN DER GLOCKSEE, Hannover, and introduce their work and progress up to this point.

Our friend and carpenter Friedo is working on a prototype to fix your feet to the ground, so that you can move your body over your own center without falling – like the Michael Jackson move »Lean«.

We would love to present a show with professional dancers/performers - and we want to open up a voluntary »try-out« for everyone interested!

Viewing: December 20 + 21, 2019 – 8 pm

Glockseestr. 35
30169 Hannover
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Der erste Teil unserer künstlerischen Auseinandersetzung mit der Pflanzenwelt:

Aus hunderten Aufnahmen diverser Pflanzensounds und mithilfe eines speziellen Computers, der den elektrischen Widerstand der Pflanze in Melodien verwandelt, sind tanzbare Tracks und Soundscapes entstanden, die wir nun mit Profis und Publikum betanzen wollen - allerdings unter besonderen »pflanzlichen« Voraussetzungen...

Am 20. und 21. Dezember stellen wir unseren Arbeitstand in einer Mischung aus Präsentation und offenem Dancefloor im THEATER AN DER GLOCKSEE vor.

♫ Ein paar Tracks und Musiken dieses Projekts könnt Ihr auf dieser Website anhören und herunterladen: → beatoftheplants.bandcamp.com