I CALL IT WATER : Action #1

Structure: We collect freshwater samples from all over the world. We ask friends, acquaintances or strangers for a sample from a water location that is typical for the water situation in their country or region. The water is filled into a small bottle and transported to Hanover by post or passenger. The photos come via email. The authenticity of the sample can be recognized by the unique handwriting.

Participants: JOIN THE PROJECT! If you know someone abroad or are traveling yourself, you can bring us a water sample. The forms with the instructions can be found →  here as a PDF.

Presentation: We are looking for a relevant exhibition space in Hanover where bottles, photos and stories can be showcased. Direct integration into sub-projects is also conceivable.

Idea: The global situation in regard to drinking water is extremely varied and is currently changing rapidly due to climate change. With the campaign we want to get and convey a feeling for this – and also put our own geographical situation in context.


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