I CALL IT WATER : Aktion #2

VIO is produced by the Coca Cola Group, which pumps groundwater from two wells in Lüneburg, which is far too dry, fills it into bottles and sells it. Among other things, the campaign draws attention to the unnecessary bottling of drinking water in water-rich countries such as Germany, which makes large corporations even richer and destroys the environment. Our tap water is even better quality than bottled water, it's cheaper and you also save on emissions from transport. Why is there so much bottled water here? Money, marketing... capitalism.

Setup: The performers Lotte Lindner and Till Steinbrenner drive to Lüneburg in Lower Saxony Germany, buy 1 crate of VIO mineral water in the beverage store, carry it back to the Coca Cola filling station and tip it back into the ground there. They walk back with the empty crate, get a new one and start all over again ... and so on.

Participants: Lotte Lindner and Till Steinbrenner / camera, sound, editing Sebastian Neubauer

Presentation: film / video loop

Further topics: drinking water privatization, Vittel in France, water as a human right



realized in March 2022

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