The Punch

on the art of taking a blow

›a blow‹ colloquially stands for unexpected or fateful impacts, for injuries or failures on a personal or global scale. We dodge, duck away, block out or even dish it out - but where do we learn to deal with it when it really gets us? When we really ›take a hit‹ personally, privately, professionally or as humanity? How well can we take it and face fallibility?

In several different rounds over 1½ months, we'll dive into the topic with relish in a theatre/art/show format, lean into the blow (ready for any failure!) with our CHAMPIONS, turn the colourful show spotlight to where it supposedly ›hurts‹, and let the black eyes shine!

Follow the project and your CHAMPION of your heart in show events, actions, cultural training sessions, an inviting ›Bar at the open wound‹ and theatre talks from 29 September to 11 November – and until a real, final punch at the end – live with us at the theatre and online at!

Team Britta Bremer, Andrea Casabianchi, Marie Harneit, Ylva Jangsell, Lena Kußmann, Martin Maecker, Juliane Molitor, Anna Ohlendorf, Marit Persiel, Nina Reimann, Jonas Vietzke.

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