Heart and Flash

I CALL IT WATER : Experiment #1

This experiment is dedicated to the exciting boundaries between purely scientific knowledge that we humans have gained so far in relation to water and the projections that we carry within us, which are more in the area of ​​mysticism, esotericism and belief and are scientifically not verifiable. Do we believe that water can absorb our energies? Can we taste them? Do we want to drink them?

Setup: 2 glass bottles with tap water closed with swing caps collect negative or positive emotions of the participants for 3 weeks. One is marked with a heart (positive) and the other with a lightning bolt (negative). The bottles were treated eitehr in a friendly way or were angrily insulted.

Transfer: Via language, movement or thought. No opening of the bottle.

Location: Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg Delmenhorst, art in progress container, as part of the artist and residence program.

Participants: scientists of the college.

Conclusion: A blind tasting of both samples and neutral tap water from the same day.

Documentation: questionnaires at the tasting, photos.

Result: In the blind tasting, the majority of participants tasted a difference between the experimental bottles and the comparison water. One of the waters was felt to be duller, mossy, earthier, sometimes bitter. However, it wasn't always the same water sample that was named as different. There were both very clear attitudes regarding the effect on the water ("no effect"), as well as more vague assumptions and associations.

Side effects: There were some exciting conversations about the "shelf life" of drinking water and the very different ways of dealing with it. Some of the international participants were skeptical about drinking water from the tap and about the drinkability of the experiment water. Discussions about drinking water in Germany and the conditions around the world emerged.

Further topics: Anthroposophy, homeopathy, Masaru Emoto Experiment, Ruth Kübler, Demeter preparations, holy water, healing water, holy water etc, crystals and much more.




Thanks to HWK Delmenhorst and Fonds darstellende Künste #takecaref for the research possibilities.

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Fotos: Lena Kußmann