Down by the river

I CALL IT WATER : Experiment #2

The closest access to the natural watercourse at the theater is the river Ihme. With the water that we take from flowing water, we conserve time. The river flows past us and is never the same, no matter what. It brings dirt or nutrients, snowmelt or sweat and takes something with it. It's samples accompany our project, we observe optical changes in the water and inner changes in ourselves through a new relationship to the river.

Setup: Every day, a water sample is taken from the river Ihme in a glass bottle and labeled with the date. Thoughts about the day are recorded in a notebook.

Location: Banks of the river Ihme, 100 steps from the Theater an der Glocksee.

Participants: Lena Kußmann, guests and team members

Presentation: The bottles are collected on a shelf in the theater.



ongoing until 31 December 2022


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Fotos:Jonas Vietzke