Water Witches

the magic of water

theatrical panel discussion on the theme of femininity and water

As part of the annual project → I CALL IT WATER on the theme of water, we invite you to a unique scenic panel discussion in which moderation, truth, fiction and play blur together.

Water is considered a feminine element. In many legends, women come from the water (Yanomami: Thueyoma) or are fierce guardians of the seas (Inuit: Sedna). Nevertheless, thousands of wise women in the Middle Ages lost their lives in the so-called "water test", a torture from the time of witch hunts. Where are the water witches of today? What are they fighting for? What are they guarding? For what do they gives their lives for?

Invited guests are water shaman Aryani Kriegenburg and down-to-earth freighter captain Antje Herbst, who sails the biggest ships across the seven seas.

Between, before and after the talks, artists Lena Kußmann and Kassandra Speltri will present their own witchcraft and found objects in very old and very new garments.
Of course, the river Ihme will also play a role - maybe we'll even take a plunge together?

  After the show, you can look forward to thematically appropriate tapas from the witches' kitchen of »Lizzy's Delicacies«!

  Please note: The scenes contain horror film elements and may trigger sensitive people in a negative way.

3 August 2022

show start 8 pm / foyer opening 7 pm

admission 12 € / 8 € erm. / solidarity ticket 0 €

  indoor in the theater

By and with Lena Kußmann, Kassandra Speltri.
Guests Antje Herbst, Aryani Kriegenburg.
Stage Britta Bremer.
Costumes Romina Medrano.
Video + Light Jonas Vietzke, labor+.
Assistant Nina Reimann.
Catering Lizzy.

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Fotos: Romina Medrano / Nina Reimann