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A theatre spectacle with music, dance, spoken word, visual worlds and extravagant costumes - LaPiratesse presents their debut album for the first time in Germany in a brilliant album release theatre concert!

LaPiratesse is the performance band of the creative multi-talent Inez Wolters. Inez sees her songs as visual live clips and uses the stage to protest and activate. In each song, she transforms herself into a different character, always in a different, self-tailored, extravagant outfit. She takes her audience along on her thoughts, questions and dreams about the now and the tomorrow. She does this in a personal way that simultaneously manages to address universal themes such as (gender) equality, femininity, technological and natural revolutions, poverty and loneliness. The indicator? As long as it grates, baffles, cracks open the brain or gets the heart pounding. The concert performance ranges from classical to jazz and pop-rock to world music and combines performance art, dance, visuals and fashion design.

You can expect an extraordinary overall experience, a spaced-out universe with razor-sharp lyrics, extravagant outfits, hallucinatory visuals and adventurous sound!

Inez is part of the artistic direction of the ZWERMERS Performance Company, who were last our guests in 2023 with the performance PAN~//CATWALK.

15 + 16 march 2024

show start 20 Uhr

tickets 15 € / 11 € / students 7 € / solidarity ticket 0 €


Band Inez Wolters, Wouter de Belder, Eva Korse, Willem Heylen
Visuals Sander Verbiest

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Insta → @lapiratesse

  English / German / Dutch

Gastspiel ermöglicht durch Spielstättenförderung
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»Tonight I met God. Not in a book that tells you how to do it. Not in a guru or a prayer, but in art. Because that's where he lives. Or she does. How heavenly this concert was! To quote the lead singer Inez Wolters: so beautiful that it made me cry! Wow Wouter de Belder, what an arrangement! The rousing parts reminded me of Concert in the Park by Paul Simon ... Inez as city poet! Wonderfully relevant and clear lyrics. Poetic, timeless and unvarnished! Very cool and much needed in these dark times!«
– Boy Jonkergouw, author and artist, social media 2021

Fotos: Daria Miasoedova